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Женихи и невесты по-африкански. Потрясающие фотографии, найденные благодаря hina_chleck.

Parents who wanted their daughters to become good cooks, named them Varvara (Barbara) and privately called them “Varya,” which means “cooking.” Boys who were to live off the land and plow the fields like their fathers and forefathers were named Pavel (Paul), which became Pasha (“plowing”). The parents of little Marias usually called them “Masha”, which means “waving” and refers to the task of winnowing grain, while some, greedy for fast cash, called the girls “Manya,” which practically predestined them for the street, as that nickname means “enticing.”
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Вышла новая книга Э.Лимонова "Торжество метафизики".

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